Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the correct Water Colour?

We've created a wide range of shades with a variety of depths and tones. We have a colour chart online which is displayed in order of depths of shade. The trick is to decide the depth of the shade first and then the tone afterwards. Choosing the depth of shade If you have bleached or sun lightened hair, my advice would be to choose the exact shade you want on the online chart. For virgin, natural and non-grey hair where you just want to add tone, choose one shade lighter than your base colour. This advice excludes black of course. If you have grey hair, how much grey is there? If it’s not very grey, choose a shade lighter than your target shade to avoid over darkening. It can be used just to add colour to the grey hairs to provide a low lighted effect. This natural low lighted effect is very flattering and of course unsightly regrowth is avoided. If you’ve got a patch of grey, you’re very grey or if you have stubborn grey hair, choose a shade that is darker than your natural colour. For those with a high level of grey just in a patch only apply the colour locally to that area. If you are very grey all over or you want a more solid effect, choose two shades darker than your base colour. Choosing the tone So once you have chosen the depth of the shade, now you can choose the tone. The tone is what gives it the vibrancy. If you want a more neutral sort of mousier tone, stick to more neutral tones. If you want slightly more natural looking colour, stick to the more natural looking tones. If you want just slightly richer tones look for the warmer tones, the gold copper colours. If you want sort of a vibrant but still natural looking tones, choose coppery and even red tones. If you prefer more unnatural colours, burgundies or sort of violety purple colours (these look fantastic with green eyes and blue eyes), choose the ranges which are the burgundy Bordeaux type of colours. It’s better not to go too dark at first, it’s easier to colour the hair again as it is really good for the condition of the hair because water colour doesn’t actually lighten the hair, it only adds colour. Should you make this mistake and actually end up making the hair darker than you wanted we can sort you out a harmless colour reducer that can remove unwanted depth from the hair. You can find all the information you need from the instructions supplied.

Why are your shampoos and conditioners on the high end, cost wise?

Both our shampoo and conditioner bases are both 100% organic, ecocert, plant based and vegan. We supply these as 3.5x concentrates. So a 100 ml bottle that costs say £12 is really a 350 ml bottle costing just £12 (buy a reusable pump to take full advantage so as not to waste any) The reason we haven’t diluted it is because we are always trying to be leaders in sustainabilty. By selling shampoo and conditioners as concentrates, we each save 2.5 empty bottles and labels plus the savings made by not transporting the usual watered down versions. This really is the very best shampoo base money can buy. We make 3 varients, a volumising, hydrating and a scalp therapy treatment shampoo. We are quite certain you will love both our 3 shampoos and our 2 conditioners, as much as we do!

Honestly, you can't be seriously be saying you can stop hair loss, especially male pattern baldness?

Well, truthfully we are just as surprised as you will be after a year of using it and every year ongoing. In fact Hair Growth Active has never been marketed but it is now our best selling product! We are a bit embarrassed to make any claims for fear of ridicule because this is clearly the area of the 'Snake Oil Salesman'. That said we can only go by repeat orders. We offered this first this to our friends in 2014 for free just to see if it worked, oh and I have used it ever since then. I'm 61 and have zero hairloss now. I'm sure the scientists among you will want to know how it works but to be honest whilst I have theories I'm not even going there. It is 100% natural, safe, pure and organic so you have nothing to losing by trying it. If at the end of the year you are still loosing hair, email me and I will return your money from my personal account!

Why are you now also selling your salon professional permanent hair colour to clients along with Daniel Field Water Colour ?

Quite simply Covid19! We started selling our salon hair colour as soon as we had to close the salon due to the spread of the virus. We backed it up with online colour consultations to help everyone, including our salon clients, choose the easiest colour to keep them looking good at home. We successfully select the right colour by providing free, 5 minute colour consultations by Whatsapp/ Facetime and Skype. If they then need their hand held we also provide online guidance live, with Colour Your Hair Like a Pro events held every hour. We are developing other online live support programs called The Hair At Home Club

What is The Hair At Home Club?

Well, if you can't come to us right now with this virus in tow we need to come to you but online. We have the teaching skills and the technology exists to help you cut, style, colour and care for you and your family's hair at home. Look for our various Hair At Home Club's support programs that are booked online at reasonable cost.

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