Why Daniel Field?


Daniel Field is the pioneer of Organic & Mineral, he is world famous for creating organic and safe products and for being a champion of the sustainability and environmental movement.

All of our products are safe, environmentally-friendly, gentle and incredibly effective, designed to cover any and all hair and skin-care needs. 


Wether you are going through chemotherapy or just want to tame your hair, we have the right products for you. 

Daniel Field is the pioneer of the world's only just-add-water hair colour that contains no PPD, no peroxide, and in fact no harsh chemicals whatsoever. You can find more about Daniel Field Water Colour here. 

Daniels latest range of Hair, Skin & Scalp products are split into three categories:



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Over 40 years as a leading pioneer

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Daniel Field has been at the forefront of natural hair products since the early 1980s and is widely considered the pioneer of the organic and mineral movement. His was the first cruelty-free, vegan and natural hair care brand to be sold in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and on QVC. One of his most famous breakthroughs, ‘Advanced Water Colour’, was also the first PPD free, just add water hair colour, and is still considered the safest hair colour range on the market in terms of both toxicity and hair damage. Daniel was also well known for being a ‘celebrity hairdresser’, his customers included Sir, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, and even HM the Queen.

Today, Daniel Field is about much more than just hair colour and natural hair care products. Daniel Field hair care products has gained a cult following of those who care about not only their health, but the health of the planet, animals, and the health of their loved ones. His skin care range was actually originally developed to offer cancer patients a safe alternative to the products that they had been using prior to diagnosis.

Environmental - I co-founded Plant Ark, and I am still active in factory farming animal protection (FARR) , (NatureWatch) and cancer care. (Cancer Active)

Daniel Field Organic and Mineral Hairdressing and the 3 ranges we produce reflect my personal philosophy completely. 


Total transparency - no green washing and false or ambiguous claims.  We have been an organic and mineral research organisation and have been pioneering ’better ways’ since 1978.  We are one of the wheels of the ‘Green Bandwagon’. 


Highest performance - all our products have been proven for many years with our salon clients before launching to the general public. 


Natural & Organic - Toxin Free - Low Allergy - Vegan.  

All our products are vegan and natural, all are safety screened using EWG and all are toxin free. We put highest performance above 100% organic and are 100% natural only when no 100% organic alternative performs as well. 


Compassion for animals - obviously we do not buy ingredients that have been animal tested. Our cut off date was 1982. 


Sustainable & responsible -we have followed a policy of best green practices since 1982. 

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